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Vivian Vassago

Sensuality, Style & Strength

Hello and welcome... 

A professional dominatrix is skilled at applying the right kind of pain that can make her submissive client cry out in pleasure. There’s a common misconception that BDSM is always about pain, but it’s really about the sensations.  Are you ready? 


My name is Goddess Vivian, I am an Elite Sensual Dom, ideal for those who want to submit, explore their desires, and meet their fears head-on.  

While I am genuine and approachable, I am also strong, confident and domineering.  Think of all the strong women you've come across in your life - did they appeal to you in a way you were afraid to admit? I am all of them, wrapped into one.  You may have a stressful life where so many depend on your decision-making skills, but here, you will submit and free yourself of all that.  Perhaps pushing your boundaries will bring you to that point of free passion and exhilaration? You've come to the right Goddess.

Discretion is of the utmost importance and my aim is to provide you with complete confidentiality and peace of mind. So if you are accustomed to the finer things in life and seek an experience that is outside the norm, so far from your social circles that would shock your friends, you're in a safe place to explore and release your fears.

  • I'm 5ft 10 inches tall and quite curvy with mile long shapely legs smooth mocha skin and an ample 36I


  • Entrancing eyes, long hair

  • Legs that are made to be worshipped.

  • The voice of experience, confidently in control, nurturing and sweet.​

  • Fulfilling desires & creating memories for lifetime to be cherished.

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