1. I ask that you respect my time.

2. Do not haggle .

3. Do not ask for me just to see you off the clock.

4. Arrive freshly groomed and showered for our date or feel free to use my bathroom to freshen up.

5. Please present state issued ID  upon arrival

6. Don't ask me to do anything unsafe.

7. No illegal drug use in my presence.

8. Please place correct amount of gift in an unsealed envelope on the bathroom sink, don't discuss it as it ruins the mood.

9. Do not abuse the privilege of using me as a reference.  No more than three provider references will be given (after seeing three lovely ladies, I'd assume that you will be able to use them for references also and no longer need me to vouch for you) . I also require you to contact me in advance before listing me as a reference.

10. No asking of personal information.

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